Gone in (less than) 160 seconds

It's been a long time since 21 January 2009. 318 posts to be exact. Most of them, hiding some kind of depression. Others unashamedly making fun of political, social and other circumstances. Some pictures. Some songs that said more about the human condition than I could ever have said.

But, seeing how (a) I'm way too busy with academic shit and have little to no time maintaining this ''shop''; (b) it's something that has been on my mind for the past two (hmm, probably three) years; (c) my writing is nowhere near as funny as it has been before... well... I have come to the conclusion that this must go (for everyone's benefit, most probably - you'll thank me eventually).

More important than (a), (b) and (c), is the fact that I realised I don't need this any longer. It no longer serves its purpose as the proverbial bucket wherein I spew my mental and sentimental vomit. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the foreclosure but I am who I am, and I need no-one but my own self when times get hard. Throughout the ages, people dealt with shit their own way - without blogs, mobile phones, Twitter, Skype and/or Android apps. 

So, my dear readers: fuck you. And fuck me. And fuck everything that is trying to pull my head under the surface. Cos life is good, even when it's completely shit. That's why it's called "life".

More than anything, one life (let alone a blog) is not enough to solve all of your (my) problems. 


Live long and prosper. It's up to you (me).